Trained both as an architect and visual artist, Maija Kovari works in the fields of urban planning and contemporary art. She started her career with sculptures and installation works, participating in exhibitions in Finland, Germany and Switzerland. Working also in art management, she curated and organized several exhibitions and worked for a non-profit art institution called Rajataide that facilitated the work of young and emerging contemporary artists. On her vice president year 2012 Rajataide won the highly acclaimed government price for visual arts. 

Getting increasingly interested in public space, Kovari studied to become an architect, while maintaining an artistic practice. In he studies she concentrated in planning and urban design, and in 2012 started working for Rambøll, one of the leading consultant companies in the Nordic countries in the field of urban development. Her role in Rambøll included urban planning and design projects of different scales, from master plans to streetscapes. Surprised however about the lack of artistic collaboration in the company’s urban space projects, she began developing ways to integrate the work of contemporary artists into public design processes in the firm. Kovari also wrote her master’s thesis in architecture on the collaboration of these two fields, and afterwards conducted a further study on the subject, working as an artist in a street design team while building an organizational model for other artists to do the same. 

In 2016, she left her position at Rambøll to start her own company. Public Art Agency Finland consults municipalities and corporations on integrating art into their planning and building processes. At the moment, they work in collaboration with several Finnish municipalities and urban planning consulting companies such as Rambøll and WSP. 

Along her projects on developing the ways to combine the fields of contemporary art and urban planning, she has continued her own artistic work, with the latest solo exhibition held in Jyväskylä, Finland in July 2016. 

More info and photos of all projects can also be found on this webpage at the art and design projects section. For any questions, you can contact her at maija (^-^)